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Our Philosophy - To exceed our customers expectations and be the innovative leader in our industry

Our Philosophy

About New West Equipment

New West Equipment has been serving Calgary and Southern Alberta since 1994. We offer innovative custom solutions to clients involved in commercial, industrial and residential construction, specifically designed to make their job easier. We work with electrical, plumbing, concrete, mechanical/HVAC, and general contractors in a variety of industries.

Our core services are equipment sales, equipment rentals, refueling and fuel cleaning. Types of equipment we offer both for sale and rental include water pumps, dehumidifiers, generators, compaction equipment, pressure washers, concrete vibrators and grinders, scissor lifts, construction electrical products, concrete equipment, mobile compressors, propane, natural gas, diesel and electric heaters, plus a wide variety of power tools.

New West Equipment is Canada’s specialist in on-site refueling. We deliver fuel direct to your vehicles, generators, construction or other equipment, wherever and whenever it’s most convenient for you. Whether you have a single piece of equipment or many different types, it simply makes sense to hire the professionals. On-site refueling helps you make the most of your operating hours, since you can schedule fuel deliveries when it’s best for you.

We also specialize in fuel cleaning and polishing. When the failure of your diesel powered equipment is simply not an option, clean fuel has to be a top priority. A diesel engine won’t operate using fuel that is old or contaminated and issues with your fuel can have serious consequences. Our fuel cleaning and polishing service can make all the difference in terms of your equipment’s reliability.

For unique custom solutions, quality equipment for sale and rental, along with professional refueling and fuel cleaning services, you can always count on the experts at New West Equipment.